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Overhead view of outdoor cedar wooden deck being remodeled with power and hand tools on fl


Redeckulous was established in 2012.


Initially we set-out with the mission to build the most attractive and durable product within your budget.  This approach has served us, and our customers well.


We’ve built a reputation based on attention to detail.  Moreso, we’ve focused the business on making the building experience easy and enjoyable for the customer.


We love building decks & outdoor projects.  And while this is what we predominantly set-out to do, we’ve grown into a company that now offers a full range of contracting services including windows, doors, siding and the full spectrum of interior renovations

New deck and staircase to backyard
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Chris Puddicombe – Owner

Born and raised in Paradise, I’m the proud father of two girls, Charlotte and Mallory, and the lucky husband of my much better half, Karen.

In 2002, I finished my business degree, packed my bags, and headed to Fort McMurray, Alberta. This is where my eyes were really opened to the world of construction and the trades. McMurray was on wheels, with so much being built at one time, and so much opportunity to learn and to do. I managed a heavy equipment rental fleet, sales department and shipping/receiving. One thing I learned in McMurray pretty quickly is you’re expected to get the job done, no matter what it takes. I’ve carried that mindset with me my whole life.

Eventually, in 2008 I moved to Calgary, and that’s where I fell in love with building. I was fascinated by the whole process. I was consumed by it. I worked for an investment company that primarily invested in residential construction. As project manager, my job was to oversee the construction of the projects we lent on to completion. In a tough real estate market, rolling up your sleeves and getting these properties to market as quickly as possible was critical. Tight timelines and even tighter budgets made this a challenge I savoured every minute.

In 2011 it was time to head home. Eager to go out on my own, I knew all I wanted to do was build. I had seen and experienced the wrong way and the right way to build. I was frustrated by how the trades were negatively perceived and equally how poorly customers were being treated. I wanted to change people’s mindset, bring respect to the trades, and show people what a good building experience is.

I think impeccable work and attention to detail are paramount and non-negotiable. They have to be the baseline. What sets Redeckulous Custom Decks and Fences apart is the customer experience. It’s what this company has been built on.

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